Bryan Williston

There may be two roads home, but Bryan Williston has taken a few side-trips along the way. Born in Ontario, but with maritime roots, Bryan has early memories of sitting in the kitchen of his grandparents' house in Miramichi, New Brunswick, listening to his grandfather play old-time fiddle tunes. The music and experiences of summers in the maritimes hold a special place in Bryan's heart.

Back at home in Ontario, Bryan's musical tastes ran the gamut of country, early '60s folk, pop, rock and roll, fiddle tunes, and whatever British Invasion singles could be smuggled out of his sisters' rooms, to be played on the coffin-sized stereo hi-fi in the front room. After an introduction to the guitar at age 12 (group lessons at the YMCA!), Bryan was hooked, playing mock-bass in bad rock 'n' roll bands, or whatever jams were going on that week. During these forays into the popular music of the day, he maintained his interest in folk and roots music. In the intervening years, Bryan's musical journey has taken him into the world of children's entertainment, both in his home area, and working with established kids' performer Jim Parker (The Mr. Dress-Up show). Throw in a few years of playing at folk music open stages, busking in the streets, playing in local pubs, and attending songwriter workshops, and we've pretty much caught up to the present day.

As a guitarist, Bryan describes himself as both a minimalist pub-strummer and a hyperactive campfire singer. Onstage, he is a passionate, primitive player with a strong sense of feel, rhythm and harmony. Some musicians who have influenced Bryan in their amazing writing, playing and performing abilities are Ron Hynes, Stephen Fearing and Ron Sexsmith.

On being a member of Two Roads Home, Bryan says, "Abby and I have really come full circle in our lives and on our musical journey. The time was right for two old friends to pick things up again."


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